Terms and conditions


Acceptance clause
   1,The content of this agreement includs the main body of the agreement and all kinds of rules may be released in the future. All the rules for an integral part of the agreement, and agreement text has the same legal effect.
   2,In any way to enter the www.3ccooler.com shop to buy and use services. Which means you have read, understood and agreed to accept the terms and conditions of this agreement.
   3,The site has the right to amend the terms appropriately according to business needs and update in the form of a website announcement,no longer a separate notice to you. The revised "terms" once published, that is, the effectiveness of.

Special attention to minors
   1,If you are under 18 years of age, we don't hope you provide us with any personal information. You can only be accompanied by a parent or guardian to register and purchase items on this site.

Registration information
   1,We ask you to fill in a registry when you are registered as a member . The registry requires your receipt of the name, address, nationality, telephone number and e-mail address. You also have the option to fill in additional information. This information may include your company is located in the provinces and cities, time zone, and postal code, fax number and position.We will use these statistics to classify our members, such as age, industry and country, so as to provide new services and opportunities to our members. We will inform you of these new services and opportunities through your email address.

Disclosure and use of information
   1,We will not sell, rent, share and exchange personal information to any third party.
   2,When we are forced by law or in accordance with the requirements of the government or the right person for the identification of alleged infringement of human rights,We will disclose your information in good faith.

   1,Our website have the appropriate security measures to ensure that the information we have not lost, misused and altered. These security measures include backup data to other servers and user password encryption. Although we have these security measures, but please note that there is no perfect security measures on the internet".
   2,When you intend to register as a member, we ask you to choose a user name and password. If you leak a password, you may lose your personal identification information, and may have adverse consequences for you. Therefore, whatever the reason for your password security, you should immediately get in touch with us through hengllylu@gmail.com.

Freight flow

   1,Payment verification -- After receiving your payment, we need 24 hours of audit.
   2,Delivery time -- After the payment of the audit, the goods will be issued within the agreed time period (1 ~ 7), the actual time to comply with the agreed time
   3,Shipping address -- The goods will be sent to you according to the registered address in the platform . If you want to modify the receipt address, please leave us message when making the order.We do not accept to modify the receipt address after shipment.
   4,Delivery channel -- The goods will be sent via your specified channel, If your address is defined a remote area by your specified express we will change to other delivery channels and without separate notification.

Return policy
   1, After the receipt of goods if encountered serious damage, unable to work. Please take pictures and preserve relevant evidence to contact us (hengllylu@gmail.com) within 15 working days. According to the results of the review we will resend or refund you.
   2,The wrong order or equipment does not match each for your own reasons , please return it/them within 7 working days after the receipt. Then,illustration reasons and provide tracking number of the return to hengllylu@gmail.com.Refund or retransmission will be take effect in 5 working days.

Contact us
   Any questions regarding the above terms and conditions, please send email to hengllylu@gmail.com.